Sunday, 30th August 2015

Pupil’s plea for help with school prom

A Grove School pupil is asking for support to enable the class of 2011 to have a prom to remember.

Ellesse Wilson, who is 16 and currently studying for her GCSE’s, has taken on the mantle of arranging this year’s bash after last year’s party was criticised by students.

And because the party is now being held away from school grounds, Ellesse said the Grove was being far from helpful.

She said: “Last year there were quite a few students who thought the prom could have been better. Everyone had a good time but all the food and drink ran out and a lot of people commented on how it would be better to have it away from the school.

“We have been taught the importance of democracy so we put it to a vote to see whether or not it should be held at school or whether they’d like to pay more and hold it somewhere else.

“It was a unanimous decision and I was elected as head of the committee. I had a meeting with the head teacher but because it isn’t being held at the school they won’t help with it.

“So it is up to us to raise the money and do all the organising.”

The event is now taking place at the Tern Hill Hall Hotel on July 1.

In the meantime Ellesse is looking to raise as much money as possible so everyone in her year can say goodbye to secondary school in style.

And she would love to hear from anyone in Market Drayton who could help or who has any fundraising ideas.

She said: “We are holding a disco at the Stafford Court Hotel next Friday, May 6, to try and raise some money and everyone is very welcome to come along.

“I’m trying to arrange as much money as possible so if there are any fundraisers out there who are used to doing this I would appreciate any help or ideas.”

The disco next Friday at the Stafford Court Hotel will run from 7.30pm until 11pm. Anyone wanting to help can contact Ellesse on 01630 658580.

Tickets for the actual prom priced £20 are also available and open to anyone in Year 11 or one year above or below.

By Joseph Masi